County Bridges

TrueNorth Steel - Vehicular County Bridge

Counties love our bridges. Accelerated bridge construction, simple to install and low maintenance materials. Everything you want in a county bridge and more…

> Light weight. Up to 50’-0” span bridge modules can be set with one or two excavators- no need to rent a crane.

> If you are required to rent a crane, the crane service will spend more time mobilizing to the jobsite and setting up their equipment than setting the bridge modules. The crane service should be packed-up by lunch time and headed back to the shop.

> If soil conditions are conducive to a perched-style spread footing abutment, our re-engineered / prefabricated SuperSill™ is set with an excavator and filled with concrete.

> Bridge modules can be positioned into place by county forces, bolted together and then welded to the SuperSill™.

> Guardrail systems are pre-installed on bridge modules.

> To finish the job, simply bolt on back walls, build your road approaches and install the road base on the heavy duty galvanized corrugated deck.

> Clear Spans up to 120’ in the pre-engineered modular configuration. Up to 240’ clear spans TrueNorth Steel will provide bridge parts in prefabricated pieces for bolt together installation.

> Clear spanning and removing piers saves construction costs, increases hydrologic flows and eliminates pier scour.

Typical county projects of 80’-0” spans or less are finished within three to four days, keeping county constituents happy and bus routes open!