Drainage Gates

Steel Adjustable Flap Drainage Gates

Steel Adjustable Flap Gates

The steel adjustable flap gate is a flow control device that allows water to flow through it in only one direction. Adjustable flap gates are often used to prevent ditches from backing up and flooding into adjacent land.

Trueslide Distribution Galvanized Steel Gates

Trueslide Distribution Gates

This gate is formed from 16 gage galvanized steel, heavier than the industry standard for this gate type, and features a smooth mounting ring for easy installation when bolted to steel pipe or when attached to HDPE pipe.  The unit is extensively used for lined ditch turnouts and dairy operations where a reasonably tight gate is adequate.  Easy lift handles allow comfortable operation. Also available with 2’ CSP stub attached for easy banding to existing pipe.

Cast Iron Drainage Flap Gate

Cast Iron Flap Gate

Cast Iron Drainage Gates have been designed as a competitive flap gate for use with concrete pipe, headwalls, and corrugated metal pipe, with up to ten foot of seating head. This gate has been extensively used in federal, state, and municipal projects for drainage, waste line, sewage treatment, flood control, and irrigation systems.  A free outflow with practical sealing against back flow combines with maintenance-free operation to assure years of service.