As Easy as  1,  2,  3

In 1966 we designed and fabricated our first six modular steel bridges. These bridges were developed and configured for the timber industry and designed to be quickly installed – disassembled -and then moved to another project site. The ease of installation and portability of our pre-engineered bridge modules supported an evolution into other areas of bridge construction.  Bridges with spans up to 80’-0” can be installed in just a few days, when using our pre-engineered abutment system.

Day 1 – Removal of existing bridge structure and abutment system. If this is a new installation, the first day would consist of:

  • Excavating
  • Preparing the subbase for the pre-engineered / pre-manufactured SuperSill™
  • Installation and filling the SuperSill™ with concrete


Day 2 – Pre-engineered bridge modules arrive on site

  • Sole plate assemblies are placed under each weathering steel girder and are positioned on the SuperSills™ (or other abutment system). Each sole plate assembly has an elastomeric bearing pad for expansion and contraction.
  • Bridge modules are picked off the trailer and set on the sole plate assemblies or staged at the site for installation later in the day. Our bridge modules have steel picking eyes to facilitate safe and simple installation.
  • Bridge modules are set and bolted together
  • Bridge girders are welded to the sole plate assembly, then the bottom plate of the sole plate assembly is welded to the embed in the SuperSill™


Day 3-4 – Finishing the bridge

  • Pre-fabricated steel back walls are bolted on each end of the bridge module
  • Road approaches are constructed
  • Asphalt, concrete or road base placed on galvanized corrugated deck