TrueNorth Steel Bridge Foundations and Abutments


Driven steel pile foundations

TrueNorth Steel can provide stamped engineered design drawings for driven steel pile abutments, including the pile caps and wing walls.

Our SuperSill™ concrete abutment form

> Foundation Analysis and Design

> Shallow-spread footings

> Mat foundations and slabs

> Driven piling and drilled pier



TrueNorth Steel Bridge provides more abutment options than anyone in the business.  From our simple pre-engineered / prefabricated SuperSill™ spread abutment system, to driven steel pile foundations we have you covered. We partner with regional geotechnical engineering firms to conduct soils analysis, in order to determine what type of foundation is required for your bridge type and site conditions.

SuperSill™ spread footing concrete abutment form

> Light weight concrete form consisting of coated galvanized steel sheet with structural elements to eliminate structural steel reinforcement

> Pre-engineered / prefabricated SuperSills™ abutments eliminate onsite forming-therefore reducing installation time and decreasing construction costs

> Typically our SuperSills™ can be shipped with our pre-engineered bridge modules-reducing freight costs

> Multiple widths and lengths available to meet various soil bearing conditions and bridge widths

> Pre-engineered steel back wall is also available. Our prefabricated steel back wall simply bolts on to each end of the bridge

Pre-cast concrete and cast-in place (CIP) abutments

TrueNorth steel can provide stamped engineered design drawings for pre-cast and CIP abutments.