Bakken Oil Field Containment

Bakken Oil Tanks
Bakken Formation, near Watford City, North Dakota• 16 500-bbl TrueTank Oil Storage Tanks
• 1 TrueContain System
• 1 TrueWalk Catwalk System

Situation: Slow tank and catwalk installation coupled with the time and expense of measuring and cutting piping on site led a Bakken Oil Formation company to seek a better system.

Result: TrueNorth Steel’s innovative one-piece tank design shortened placement time while the company’s consistent manufacturing saved the customer thousands of dollars since pre-fabricated piping could be used.

TrueNorth Steel’s one-of-a-kind TrueTank tank design is manufactured as one piece, rather than the industry-standard base and tank, allowing it to be quickly placed within a TrueContain containment system. For a large oil company working in the Bakken formation, that unprecedented design approach saved 15 to 20 percent on tank setup time alone. Connecting the tanks with a TrueWalk catwalk system, which assembles in about 35 percent less time than other catwalks, further hastened setup.

It’s not just the one-piece tank design and easy-to-assemble catwalk that keep the oil company coming back to True North for additional sites, however. The consistent quality of TrueNorth tanks means that the nozzles protrude identically from one tank to the next. That regularity allows for pre-fabricated piping to be brought in and used rather than dealing with the time and expense of measuring, cutting and assembling piping on site that will weave from one tank nozzle to the next. The additional cost savings from using pre-fabricated pipe can easily exceed six figures on just one site.

Multiplying the setup time savings and reduced pipe cost across the oil company’s more than 100 sites resulted in significantly increased efficiency and improved profits.

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