AISC Major Bridge

TrueNorth Steel Highway Bridge

TrueNorth Steel designs and manufactures steel bridges for state, county and federal highway projects. Weathering steel or painted bridge girders and related components are prefabricated for simple field assembly and installation.

> Clear Spans up to 240’. Clear Spanning and removing piers saves construction costs, increases hydrologic flows and eliminates pier scour

> Light weight steel structural girders reduce field labor costs based on using smaller cranes and equipment to install

> Prefabricated shopfitted bolt-in diaphragms ensure field fit-up and increase productivity

> Choosing steel for your girder preference allows us to design to almost any site condition. Our engineers can design and manipulate girder size in order to optimize those sections and maximize performance of our steel solution.

> Designed and fabricated to current AASHTO / ASTM Standards

AISC Quality Certification Program

 American Institute of Steel Construction

TrueNorth Steel is certified under the AISC Quality Certification Program, Category Cbr,

Major Steel Bridges, with Fracture Critical and Sophisticated Paint Endorsements. Our

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