Farm Skid Tanks

Standard sizes ranging from 300g to 4000g

TrueNorth Steel has been the trusted source of farmers throughout the Midwest for fuel storage tanks. Our tanks are all custom fabricated out of 12 gauge steel and mounted on industry standard skids. These stationary, single-wall tanks are made to last in the harshest of elements.

TrueNorth Steel also provides a complete line of accessories with Pumps, Nozzles, Hoses, Gauges, Fill Caps, Filters and Vents for any application

Stock is always available!
Standard accessory packages including pumps and hoses are available as requested.

Farm Skid Tanks
Tank CapacityTank Diameter / LengthDrawing (PDF)
300g38" x 60” 1002-0022
560g48" x 72” 1002-0023
1,000g64" x 72” 1002-0009
2,000g64" x 12’ 1002-0010
3,000g64" x 18’ 1002-0011
4,000g64" x 24’ 1002-0012