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TrueNorth Steel - Trail Bridge Fox Creek

Full Spectrum Services

Quality from Start to Finish
We work with local engineers and contractor partners throughout the U.S. to provide fast and cost-effective installations. From the first conversations to the
last bolt placement, TrueNorth Steel provides the guidance and support to ensure your bridge project is a success. We’ll handle:

  • Bridge design stamped by a professional engineer
  • Engineering counsel
  • Abutment design
  • Delivery/logistics
  • Pre-construction meeting


We don’t just talk about quality, we train in it and certify to it, so every bridge comes with peace of mind. AISC-certified manufacturing facilities ensure the highest quality construction and fabrication.

Manufacturing and Material Standards Include:

  • AISC-Certified Simple & Intermediate (major) Bridge Fabricator
  • Fracture Critical Endorsement to meet
 the most stringent bridge fabrication demands
  • Sophisticated Paint Endorsement
Designed and fabricated to applicable AASHTO/ASTM Standards