TrueNorth Steel incorporates sustainability practices throughout the organization's manufacturing processes. It's ingrained into our mission statement - We will not waste resources - and it guides our decision making, facility maintenance and production processes. It's the reason we participate in self-initiated compliance checks.

Steel by nature is environmentally friendly and one of the greenest specified construction products available and is the world's most recycled material. Steel is constantly re-used, re-shaped, and used multiple times for different applications.

As an environmentally-friendly product, steel is often specified in LEED projects to maximize LEED points in the "Material & Resources Credit 4" category. TrueNorth Steel has helped numerous customers navigate the LEED funding program. We assist LEED participating customers secure funding by:

  • Specifying product for maximum LEED scoring
  • Assisting in the certification process with proof and documentation
  • Providing substantiated best practices with national steel organizations such as AISI

Sustainability doesn't end with the products we supply - oil containment, water treatment and flood control to name a few. Our manufacturing plants work towards reducing our carbon footprint by utilizing high efficiency lighting systems, requiring rigid guidelines for handling hazardous material to MSDS specifications, and providing efficient ventilation systems for handling gas and plasma outputs to the environment.