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Sti-P3 and ACT-100U Underground Tanks


TrueNorth Steel provides sti-P3 certified tanks used in a variety of applications for service stations, trucking fleets, city garages, truck stops and fuel storage companies. These underground tanks come in double or single-wall designs and provide reliable cathotic protection, preventing the steel from deteriorating.

Most tanks are specified to hold 300 to 20,000 gallons, but TrueNorth Steel can custom fab nearly any requirement for your application. 10 and 20 year warranty options are available.

TrueNorth Steel also provides all of the accessories to go with your underground tank - with piping and pp-42 monitoring systems to meet annual monitoring requirements


ACT-100U underground storage tanks come in single or double-wall options and do not require annual monitoring like the sti-P3 tanks. All of our ACT-100U tanks come with up to 70 mils of external coating to protect the structure.

10 and 20 year warranty options are available.


TrueNorth Steel provides a complete line of accessories for sti-P3 and ACT-100U tanks, including:

  • Gauging sticks

  • Vents

  • Drop tubes

  • Monitoring systems

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