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Recreational Bridges

Getting from Point A to Point B isn’t always the point.

Skiers, golfers and ATV riders aren’t looking for a destination; they’re looking to enjoy their time. Our pre-built steel bridges—either modular or pedestrian—are designed to serve that purpose by fitting into natural or landscaped surroundings and by never getting in the way of the game.

Higher standards. Greater options.

The design is standardized—saving you the cost of custom—but our unique decking and guardrail choices fit virtually any aesthetic or functional requirements. No matter the need, TrueNorth bridges can get you there:

low-profile curbing and timber decking for golf cart bridges, or six- to eight-foot rails and heavy-duty snow-loads for ski bridges.

·      Less-than-one-day installs with minimal equipment and crew

·      Fits all types of trails—private, government, campgrounds, DNR, etc.

·      15- to 200-foot span lengths without center support

·      3- to 14-foot widths

·      SuperSill® abutments—prefabricated for installing and leveling in minutes

·      Maintenance-free weathering steel for the lowest lifecycle cost of all bridge options



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