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Pedestrian Bridges

When you can perfectly position two 140’ bridges in 14 minutes, you’re going to look as good as they do.

TrueNorth Steel’s prefabricated, pre-engineered bridges are the fastest way to install a better-looking bridge. Our paint-free weathering steel oxidizes gradually to provide a low-maintenance, naturally toned appearance and safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists.

Wood bridges fade and split. Concrete bridges look industrial. And our weathered steel blends in with footpath surroundings for a lifetime of aesthetic performance.

·      Higher quality—lightweight, high-strength, AISC-certified

·      Lower cost – quick installs, standardized design, single-truck delivery capability, AASHTO compliant

·      15- to 200-foot span lengths without center support

·      3- to 14-foot widths

·      Pre-engineered for light pedestrian traffic to heavy snow loads

·      SuperSill® abutments—prefabricated for installing and leveling in minutes

·      Decking options: timber deck and galvanized-metal pan for cast-in-place concrete

·      Maintenance-free weathering steel for the lowest lifecycle cost of all bridge options



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