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Fuel & Oil Containment Systems Accessories

Contact TrueNorth Steel today for any accessory you need for your fuel and oil containment system.

  • Fertilizer liners

    • Water, crude, fertilizer, diesel or gas liners
    • 10-year warranty on gas, diesel, crude fertilizer and water
    • All made with 8-oz geotextile fabric
  • Pump platforms

    • Mounts on galvanized steel
    • Adjustable brackets to hold transport fill
  • Fill/Spill boxes

    • 15-gallon, single-product fill box
    • Made of 14-ga. steel with interior plumbing and pump inside the containment wall
    • Gas prop door
    • Lock holes hatch transport fittings
    • Mounts on 2x2 gallon steel post
    • Shared transport and function line
  • Rock rings

    • Made of 10-ga. corrugated steel
    • 8-oz. geotextile felt-topped liner with rubber edge guard
    • 6" tall, diameter 8' to 13'
  • Plumbing packages

    • Any valve or pipe fitting needed to plumb up any system
    • Stainless steel flex hoses to keep pipes from cracking under pressure
  • Tank gauges

    • OPW 200 TG - numerical readout system eliminates manual gauging
    • Designed for up to 40'

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