TrueNorth Steel Bridges

TrueNorth Steel designs and fabricates steel bridges for a wide range of vehicle and pedestrian crossing applications.

Our premier steel bridge product line incorporates the following features:

•           Premanufactured modular components

•           Simple, bolt-together and light weight sections for lower cost installation

•           Designed and stamped by registered professional engineers

•           Maintenance-free, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing

•           Compatible with gravel, asphalt, concrete, or timber road surfaces

•           Pre-engineered abutments and abutment design services

•           Partnering with local contractors for installation services

•           Proudly made in the USA!

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TrueNorth Steel Bridge Contact

Cory Claussen

(406) 370-2548 Cell Phone


Estimator Contact

Ted Zanto

(406) 532-7118 Office Phone

TrueNorth Steel Bridge Contact:

Cory Claussen

(406) 370-2548 Cell Phone


Estimator Contact:

Ted Zanto

(406) 532-7118 Office Phone


Design Build Benefits

TrueNorth Steel consistently partners in design build projects.

Faster Delivery — collaborative project management means work is completed faster with fewer challenges

Cost Savings — an integrated team is geared toward efficiency and innovation

Increased Quality — design-builders meet performance needs, not minimum design requirements, often developing innovations to deliver a better project than initially imagined

Singular Responsibility — one entity is held accountable for cost, schedule and performance

Decreased Administrative Burden — owners can focus on the project rather than managing disparate contracts

Reduced Risk — the design-build team assumes additional risk

Reduced Litigation Claims — by closing warranty gaps, owners virtually eliminate litigation claims



TrueNorth Steel has the expertise and ability to provide stamped engineered drawings for our pre-engineered modular vehicular bridges, highway girders and pedestrian truss bridges. Our engineers are registered in all 50 states and we are ready to support your project wherever you are located.

Design - Build




Driven steel pile foundations

TrueNorth steel can provide stamped engineered design drawings for driven steel pile abutments, including the pile caps and wing walls.


Our SuperSill™ concrete abutment form

> Foundation Analysis and Design

> Shallow-spread footings

> Mat foundations and slabs

> Driven piling and drilled pier




TrueNorth Steel Bridge provides more abutment options than anyone in the business.  From our simple pre-engineered / prefabricated SuperSill™ spread abutment system, to driven steel pile foundations we have you covered. We partner with regional geotechnical engineering firms to conduct soils analysis, in order to determine what type of foundation is required for your bridge type and site conditions.


SuperSill™ spread footing concrete abutment form

> Light weight concrete form consisting of coated galvanized steel sheet with structural elements to eliminate structural steel reinforcement

> Pre-engineered / prefabricated SuperSills™ abutments eliminate onsite forming-therefore reducing installation time and decreasing construction costs

> Typically our SuperSills™ can be shipped with our pre-engineered bridge modules-reducing freight costs

> Multiple widths and lengths available to meet various soil bearing conditions and bridge widths

> Pre-engineered steel back wall is also available. Our prefabricated steel back wall simply bolts on to each end of the bridge


Pre-cast concrete and cast-in place (CIP) abutments

TrueNorth steel can provide stamped engineered design drawings for pre-cast and CIP abutments.




As Easy as  1,  2,  3

In 1966 we designed and fabricated our first six modular steel bridges. These bridges were developed and configured for the timber industry and designed to be quickly installed - disassembled -and then moved to another project site. The ease of installation and portability of our pre-engineered bridge modules supported an evolution into other areas of bridge construction.  Bridges with spans up to 80’-0” can be installed in just a few days, when using our pre-engineered abutment system.




Day 1 – Removal of existing bridge structure and abutment system. If this is a new installation, the first day would consist of:

  • Excavating

  • Preparing the subbase for the pre-engineered / pre-manufactured SuperSill™

  • Installation and filling the SuperSill™ with concrete


Day 2 – Pre-engineered bridge modules arrive on site

  • Sole plate assemblies are placed under each weathering steel girder and are positioned on the SuperSills™ (or other abutment system). Each sole plate assembly has an elastomeric bearing pad for expansion and contraction.

  • Bridge modules are picked off the trailer and set on the sole plate assemblies or staged at the site for installation later in the day. Our bridge modules have steel picking eyes to facilitate safe and simple installation.

  • Bridge modules are set and bolted together

  • Bridge girders are welded to the sole plate assembly, then the bottom plate of the sole plate assembly is welded to the embed in the SuperSill™


Day 3-4 – Finishing the bridge

  • Pre-fabricated steel back walls are bolted on each end of the bridge module

  • Road approaches are constructed

  • Asphalt, concrete or road base placed on galvanized corrugated deck

Specifications / Drawings

TrueNorth Steel has a collection of specifications and tools at your fingertips. Choose an industry below.

Pedestrian Bridges


TrueNorth Steel pedestrian bridges add value and class to any project. From rural to urban settings, our tail bridges are ideal for trail, bicycle, golf, ski, private developers, and land owners.

> Pre-engineered and stamped by a registered engineer

> Modular preassembled designs simplify and reduce installation costs

> Made of maintenance free, environmentally-friendly, paint-free weathering steel

> Hand crafted by skilled fabricators and welders who take pride in their work

> We offer multiple deck surface options, including concrete, hardwoods, soft woods, and steel grating

> Various widths available

> Clear spans up to 250’

> Multiple load ratings available to meet industry standards and unique requirements

> Pre-engineered abutments and abutment design services

                                                                                                                                                                                       > Installation support and guidance

Vehicular Bridges


TrueNorth Steel’s simple bolt-together vehicular bridges are engineered to highway and county specifications, and our bridge structures are also designed for applications where attractiveness is important.

> Pre-engineered P.E. stamped conservative standard designs eliminate expensive engineering costs

> Fabricated from weathering steel. Paint free, low maintenance steel and a beautiful patina attractive finish.

> Heavy-gauge galvanized decking and guardrails are installed on the bridge prior to transportation, reducing onsite installation and labor

> Our heavy-gauge galvanized corrugated deck will accept gravel, asphalt, concrete and finished timber decking for finished road surfaces.

> Multiple standard load ratings are available, but if you need something extraordinary just let us know and we can design it.

> Clear Spans up to 240’, allows you to eliminate piers and save material and construction costs

> Built to AASHTO standards and load ratings

                   > Numerous engineered guide rails are available

                   > Light-weight modules support single crane installations                      


AISC Major Bridge


TrueNorth Steel designs and manufactures steel bridges for state, county and federal highway projects. Weathering steel or painted bridge girders and related components are prefabricated for simple field assembly and installation.

> Clear Spans up to 240’. Clear Spanning and removing piers saves construction costs, increases hydrologic flows and eliminates pier scour

> Light weight steel structural girders reduce field labor costs based on using smaller cranes and equipment to install

> Prefabricated shopfitted bolt-in diaphragms ensure field fit-up and increase productivity

> Choosing steel for your girder preference allows us to design to almost any site condition. Our engineers can design and manipulate girder size in order to optimize those sections and maximize performance of our steel solution.

> Designed and fabricated to current AASHTO / ASTM Standards




    American Institute of Steel Construction

          TrueNorth Steel is certified under the AISC Quality Certification Program, Category Cbr,

          Major Steel Bridges, with Fracture Critical and Sophisticated Paint Endorsements. Our

          Gallary of Projects in Progress display our focus on quality products and customer satisfaction.

Golf Course Bridges



TrueNorth Steel excels in designing and manufacturing stunning golf course bridges. We understand the commitment, quality and design you have invested in your course, and we are dedicated to have our golf bridge products complement the overall experience of your facility.

> Quality construction designed and built by experienced fabricators

> Steel truss style structures

> Low profile steel girder bridges with safe and attractive golf cart curbs

> Deck options include gravel, wood, concrete and asphalt

> TrueNorth Steel’s-premanufactured SuperSill™ abutments

> Abutment design services

Pedestrian Trail (PT) Bridges



TrueNorth Steel offers long-lasting, practical steel pedestrian trail (PT) bridges for numerous applications. Our steel bridges are pre-engineered and premanufactured. In addition we can support you with abutment design services to simplify your project. Fabricated from low maintenance weathering steel materials and long lasting deck materials, these beautiful structures will provide years of service.

Areas of usage:

  • Mountain bike trails

  • Hiking, walking, running

  • Recreational trails

  • Rails-to-Trails

  • Sidewalk crossings

  • Aerial spans over highways and railways



Private Development


We have passion and are committed to ensure a private customer has the right information to make a good decision about his or her new bridge. Every bridge crossing is unique, but all bridges have similarities. Our bridge consultants can explain the process and will simply your project.

Permitting - Usually your contactor takes care of this, but we can provide guidance, specifications and standard drawings to support the process

Our engineers are registered in all 50 states.

We can provide onsite consultations anywhere within our foot print. We have numerous engineers and territory managers traveling in your area on a consistent basis

We can provide abutment design, based on partnering with regional geotechnical engineers to acquire the appropriate soils analysis.

We partner with local contractors to support your installation. If you have selected a contractor, we can review the simple bridge installation process with them and provide training.



Our Bridges

> Truss style and steel girder

> Manufactured from low maintenance weathering steel and heavy duty steel galvanized deck

> Clear spans up to 120’ in modular form. Bolt-together bridge components supplied over 120’ in length

> Numerous loadings available

> Pre-manufactured modules show up on the project and are ready to install

> Standard designs reduce upfront engineering costs

> SuperSill™ pre-engineered abutments. Pre-engineered and pre-manufactured abutments simplify the construction process

County Bridges


Counties love our bridges. Accelerated bridge construction, simple to install and low maintenance materials. Everything you want in a county bridge and more…

> Light weight. Up to 50’-0” span bridge modules can be set with one or two excavators- no need to rent a crane.

> If you are required to rent a crane, the crane service will spend more time mobilizing to the jobsite and setting up their equipment than setting the bridge modules. The crane service should be packed-up by lunch time and headed back to the shop.

> If soil conditions are conducive to a perched-style spread footing abutment, our re-engineered / prefabricated SuperSill™ is set with an excavator and filled with concrete.

> Bridge modules can be positioned into place by county forces, bolted together and then welded to the SuperSill™

> Guardrail systems are pre-installed on bridge modules

> To finish the job, simply bolt on back walls, build your road approaches and install the road base on the heavy duty galvanized corrugated deck.


> Clear Spans up to 120’ in the pre-engineered modular configuration. Up to 240’ clear spans TrueNorth Steel will provide bridge parts in prefabricated pieces for bolt together installation.

> Clear spanning and removing piers saves construction costs, increases hydrologic flows and eliminates pier scour.

Typical county projects of 80’-0” spans or less are finished within three to four days, keeping county constituents happy and bus routes open!

About Us



The TrueNorth Steel Bridge team is a group of experienced, creative and passionate professionals. We enjoy designing and fabricating steel bridge structures and will take ownership in your project. We guarantee an on time, quality steel bridge – one that will exceed your expectations!


TrueNorth Steel fabrication facilities are AISC certified and are prepared to support private projects, engineered public works projects and design build projects anywhere in the USA.






Local Services, Local People

With a five state footprint covering eight cities, we keep local services with local people. Our amazing teams give their all to make TrueNorth Steel a favorite among our customers, assisting them in all their requests.




Bridge Sales Mission

We will consistently provide our clients with unique solutions, high levels of support, value, reliability, and quality by leveraging our expertise, production capabilities, footprint, inside sales support, and reputation.



Bridge Sales Vision

To be the go-to, first choice provider of bridges within the upper Midwest and Rocky Mountains by creating the highest levels of value for our customers, engineers, and owners.




TrueNorth Steel’s Values

Surpassing every safety standard is the most important thing we do. Our employees deserve it. Our customers demand it.

We mean what we say and say what we mean.

We don't define our success by what we do, but by what our customers do.

All we do is steel. We know what we're good at, and we stick to it.

We bring expertise to every project that can only come with decades of time-in-trade.

We know steel. We're not arrogant - we instill confidence because we have expertise and experience.

We earn our customers' loyalty and trust only when we follow through on every promise made.


Safety is Serious Business

TrueNorth Steel doesn't take workplace safety precautions lightly.  Continuously improving the safety in all of our facilities is the most important thing we do.  Our employees deserve it. Our customers demand it.

The safety protocol is a part of our strategic plan for the business.  We have a full-time safety department who oversee weekly and quarterly training for our employees.  We provide monthly updates of our safety metrics for all employees and track our Total Incident Rate (TIR) against industry standards.

We make significant investments in our ongoing safety program, with new team members and veterans alike receiving extensive and intensive safety training throughout the year.

No deadline, no spec requirement, no process will ever be more important than our safety commitment.  If you're a customer, potential customer, or candidate for employment, and you'd like detailed information on our safety record and incident rates, contact Rod Schober, Safety Director for TrueNorth Steel.

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