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Installing a bridge in a few hours without any special crew or equipment takes a pretty special bridge.

TrueNorth Steel bridges are prefabricated, bolt-together steel structures that any general or road contractor can position onsite in under a day and in virtually any application:

  • Vehicular Bridges for road, highway, logging, mine and private use.

  • Pedestrian Bridges for hiking, biking and other trail systems.

  • Recreational Bridges for golf courses, ski resorts and ATV use.

  • Abutment Systems for heavy-duty applications with light-duty installs.

We make simple installs possible by meeting every specification with exacting detail. Your bridge will be engineered to your order and delivered precisely on time. And thanks to its no-maintenance design; once it’s set, you’re done.

Simply put: Our modular steel bridges are the best fit you’re going to find. 



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